What training would benefit you and your employees the most? Are you aware that under certain government safety legislation, certain types of equipment and machinery are required to be inspected regularly for safety assurance and compliance?

  • Do you know which regulations and acts are relevant?
  • Would it need to be registered under Regulation 6.34?
  • Will it matter if I’m not in the mining industry?
  • Who can inspect our Plant and Machinery?

These are all questions that our skilled Trainers can help you and your personnel understand

How Rapallo can train you and your staff

Rapallo’s courses will build an awareness based on relevant Legislation, Australian Standards, the Mines Safety and Inspection Act (MSIA) and, the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations (MSIR).

The MSIA, MSIR and the Australian Standards can be a minefield of information for the Average Joe.

Our courses are designed to provide participants with the required skills and knowledge for the management of Classified Plant in a relaxed adult learning environment.

Courses  typically cover:

  • Classified Plant Management
  • At the Gate Inspections
  • Safety Valve Awareness
  • Standards Compliance Management
  • Maintenance Planning / Management

Course material

Training can offer you the expertise to recognise types of classified plant or pressure vessels

Course training materials are developed from aspects of the Nationally Recognised Training package RII09 Resources and Infrastructure Industry, units:

  • RIIGOV401A  Apply, monitor and report on compliance systems
  • RIIGOV501A  Identify, implement and maintain legal compliance requirements
  • RIIGOV601A  Establish, maintain and develop a statutory compliance management system
  • The Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (MSIA)
  • The Mines Safety & Inspection Regulations 1995 (MSIR)

Rapallo Certificates of Completion, Training Records and Course Workbooks may be utilised towards the Recognition of Prior Learning for any RII09 qualification.

All of our courses are conducted by highly competent and experienced trainers and plant management specialists – who have hands on experience and proven key qualities that are highly sought after in the Engineering and Inspection Industry.

Who should do this type of training?

Relevant personnel in businesses, on mine sites and within workshops are the ideal candidates who would benefit most from learning these laws and regulations, however everyone who is involved in mine-site operations should be aware of at least the basic laws governing this industry.

Our courses can be adapted or styled to suit particular roles such as;

  • Tradesmen or leading hands
  • Workshop foremen and supervisors
  • Maintenance planners & shut coordinators
  • Managers and superintendents
  • Project, OHS & supply personnel

Training will allow you to know what types of equipment require registration, compliance and safety inspections.

Where is the training held?

Rapallo Perth Training Centre

Rapallo’s Perth Training Facility

Kalgoorlie Training Room

Rapallo’s Kalgoorlie Training Facility

We regularly host courses from our Kalgoorlie and Perth facilities.


Of course we also cater to our remote site clients too, with our trainers frequently traveling to remote locations to conduct specialized training specifically catered to our clients plant and policies.
Perth training can be held at our Midvale Office on Elmsfield Road, and Kalgoorlie training can be conducted at our Broadwood Street office at Chaffers House.

Client-specific courses

In order to provide a company with site specific relevance within a personalized training course, we are able to utilize client-specific policies, procedures, and management directive documents such as;Rapallo's Training Routes
  • Guidance on Corporate Governance (Statutory Compliance).
  • Occupational Safety & Health and any similar documents.

Course sizes can be personalized, dependant on the content and specific requirements of each Client.

Our Rapallo trainers frequently travel to sites for our Clientele, and host personalized training specifically designed for them and their own Plant and Machinery.

No distance is too far!


Long before cloud-based programmes were a ‘buzz-word’, in 1994, Rapallo Inspectors and Engineers designed and patented one of the original cloud-based Classified Plant Management Systems – named Trojan.Trojan Rapallo - Perth Kalgoorlie Goldfields

Clients are able to remotely Log-In to our management system and view  and download reports, download images and check that all the statutory compliances are current for their particular plant and machinery.

Training Enquiries

To receive information on Rapallo Groups courses and outcomes, or to make an enquiry about registering for a course:

Contact: Victor Simbile, General Manager – Tech Services (MIEAust; CPEng).

email        victor.simbile@rapallo.com.au

call        08 6279 0900


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