For NAIDOC week and to celebrate the mining of first ore in development at Independence Group’s (IGO) Nova Project, here is a photograph of Team Malleefowl an environmental survey collaboration between Rapallo, Ngadju Rangers and Sirius Resources (now Independence Group).

Environmental Survey Western Woodlands

Team Malleefowl – Rapallo Ecologists, and Ngadju Rangers working together prior to development at Nova.

Environment, Sustainability and Community Engagement


Rapallo was very lucky to be involved in the project from the very beginning and it is great to see the team at IGO achieving their project goals. It is also fantastic to see the Ngadju Rangers growing as an organisation and delivering projects in conservation and land management. For those Goldfields based companies who have environmental projects, collaborating with the Ngadju Rangers is worthwhile and very rewarding.


Click here for further information on Rapallo’s environmental capabilities

Ngadju Rangers 


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