RE: Rapallo Covid-19 Management Plan

To all our friends, associates, clients and Australians in general,

As of Monday, 23rd of March Rapallo has been operating its offices on reduced staffing levels in an attempt to balance social distancing with staff health and employment needs while at the same time maintaining a business presence.

During the GFC Rapallo changed its business model to include a large component of flexible hours and working from home.

Our phone systems divert direct to company mobiles and staff have controlled remote access to stored data and client files.

From a business operations perspective, today’s unfortunate environment therefore is only a relatively minor extension of what we have been doing since 2014 / 15 with added focus and emphasis on staff and community health and safety based on ongoing government and expert advice.

Regular staff and project meetings will and are being held via the Microsoft Teams style conferencing mediums.

Our Engineering, Projects, NDT, Inspection and Environmental teams are, currently, still active both in and off the field.

All our teams will work with our client initiatives when on client sites and/or adopt Rapallo’s where these are non-existent or deemed deficient.

We have commenced monitoring our staff with daily temperature readings and “pre-start” personal health check sheets. A combination of working from home and using all available office space, we have been able to far exceed the required personal space recommendations. Office cleaning has been increased as has supplies of personal sanitisers and masks.

We can also confirm that to date, we have had no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 across our business or the families of our staff members.

Staff members have already gone to personal isolation and self-management when family members have returned from overseas to ensure that others in the business are protected should the worst happen.

To this point there has been no health issues – but great to see staff being responsible.

We will keep you posted on any changes to our current modus operandi.

Stay safe – keep in contact and let us look after each other.

Yours faithfully,

Andy George
Rapallo Pty Ltd

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