Rapallo provides a myriad of services now, compared to 30 years ago when we started out as a family-built engineering business. Having grown and diversified our services to cater for the world we live and work in is something we certainly take pride in.

Our resilience and flexibility to the ongoing changes means we have always provided specialized engineering and plant & machinery inspection services to thousands of clients Australia-wide. We have also been fortunate to collaborate on several multi-sized overseas projects as well.

Our own growth in the supply of labour in the engineering and maintenance sector has significantly taken off over the last 24 months, despite the last two years statistics declaring this downward trend – it appears Labour hire is increasing in popularity again, and seems to be gaining momentum despite this recent down-turn in the mining resources sector.


Benefits of using Labour Hire for our Clients


Labour gaps and shortagesQuick responses to labour gaps

  • Employee absences, leave and sudden departure.
  • Unexpected demand – special projects or urgent break downs can lead to an unexpected requirement for additional resources on site.


Cost savings

  • Save on insurance, superannuation, sick pay, holiday pay, benefits, not to mention your payroll employees’ overheads for managing each employee.
  • No Recruiting: advertising, sourcing, interviewing, vetting or training required.
  • No ongoing training and development required. If it’s just for shift coverage, it doesn’t make sense to invest time and energy in to contractors training.
  • Assessing whether your company actually DOES need additional employees on an ongoing basis, or is this ‘fluctuation’ simply because of the market needs right now? A labour hire employee will assist you in deciding whether you do need a full timer for the long term strategy, or if it is just a short term solution during a sporadic or short-lived increase in requirements.


Try before you buy

  •  Bringing in casual candidates ensures they will match the skill level, personality/attitude required and will meet the expectations set by management.
  •  In our experience, people can have a fantastic resume, references and interview extremely well. However, there is nothing like seeing a candidate on the job to ensure s/he will be the right person for your company. it limits disappointment in the long run.
  •  Weeding out the rough. We can help ensure that the candidate you’re considering will actually be happy within company’s work culture if they’re brought on permanently.


Talent pool access

  • We give you access to a larger talent pool immediately or as required, giving you the best options on stand-by when you need it the most.
  •  Additional expertise for projects and specialized equipment can be provided if your current employees do not have this required experience or qualifications needed. You can get the specialist you need for just the duration of the project.


Convenience and expertise

  • Experienced Rapallo employees will do the heavy lifting for you. We can find better labour options for you, whether it’s short/long term, permanent, projects… this is what we do, and we love what we do.

“Rapallo have delivered every time to our labour requirements and demands, especially at short notice. In all of my dealings with them they have been professional and accommodating. They understand our requirements and have been a pleasure to work with. They have always supplied skilled and motivated labour hire personnel that fit in with our business. I would have no hesitation in engaging Rapallo on future projects and would highly recommend their services.”
Andrew Reilly – Manager Branch Operations Kalgoorlie, National Pump & Energy 

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Benefits of Casual Employment for our Contractors


Blue Collar Labour


Core Crew Companionship

Working alongside the regular Rapallo team members builds the team-mentality and fosters long term friendships, and diversifies your own friendship-base.


Travel and adventure

Going to a new mine site is usually exciting for the Average Joe. This could give you the opportunity to find somewhere you feel could potentially be a long term option.


Training and Skill enhancement opportunities

Having the option of differing roles can upskill our workforce on many fronts. eg; having the chance to gain exposure in an industrial environment. Your main source of income may be in the customer service or food industry, so this may give you the option to try something completely different. It could ensure a future where you know you’ll enjoy a position or not for longer-term employment.


Short term assignments

Sometimes it’s great to get a day or two to suit gaps in between your regular rosters, and supplement your wages by working additional short term shifts.


Long term employment opportunities

These may arise for those dedicated and hardworking staff members that have performed well on a particular client’s site. It’s can showcase your skills for each client, and can easily turn in to longer term employment and rosters for the right candidates.


 “I had a great first day of work and I have you to thank for that. Really appreciate what you have done for me, so thanks a lot”  Fitter – Rapallo Engineering Resource Services 


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Rapallo are proud to have consistent and exciting opportunities arising daily. We specialize in Blue Collar labour supply, and high-specification White Collar roles. We’ve managed to build strong relationships with our unwavering tenacity in our Labour hire division, meaning operations can run smoothly for all of our Clients.

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 Contact Us to find out how Rapallo Group can assist you with your labour-hire needs.

Rapallo Group Suite of Services


Labour Hire – Short term / Long term; Blue Collar & White Collar

Shut Downs & Recruitment

Projects & Project Management

Plant & Machinery Inspections

NDT Non Destructive Testing

Trojan:- Classified Plant Management Systems

Engineering services

Environmental Consultancy

Equipment and Fabrication

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