Non Destructive Testing of Tanks, Vessels and Pipes


Scanmap VS RMS2 300 (Crawler)

Our workshops and inspectors, in both Perth and Kalgoorlie, use cutting-edge technology for non-destructive testing of tanks, vessels and pipes. Crucial to our asset management team’s high-tech operations is the “Crawler”.

scanmap-crawler-1Ultrasonic Images

The ScanmapVS system enables clients to meet and even exceed the relevant inspection standards without costly rope access or scaffolding. It uses the proven reliability of the Scorpion wall crawler with an added transverse scanner.

Using the unique miniature Silverwing allows the ScanmapVS to operate vertically, horizontally or even inverted without degradation of the UT capabilities.

Speed is also enhanced: the Crawler can cover a 130mm wide strip at 700mm per second and with a forward speed of 900mm per minute. Stored data can be viewed as either A, B or C scan images.

The NDT Solution for Difficult Access

This compact system can be used in areas that other NDT systems cannot access. When a large area needs to be accurately UT’d your only other option may be hand scanning on scaffolding or rope access. Using only power and water sources, the crawler significantly increases the coverage of the UT as well as speeding the process up.

Set up and pack up is simple and fast, requiring only a few control cables and a safety line in case of emergency.


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