Ball Stud Inspections


Steering ball studs

Integral to the safety of the dump truck operation. Sudden failure of one or more studs may result in loss of steering control.



Crack Inspection

Almost all ball studs fail by propagation of fatigue cracks, over a period of time, mostly initiating in the neck just below the head or in the shank.

The good news is that these cracks can easily be detected in the early stage of the fatigue cycle thereby avoiding catastrophic failure. Furthermore they can be tested in-situ with minimal disruption to production.



Ultrasonic Inspection

Rapallo has the capability to detect these ball stud cracks on a range of dump truck models. Inspection is conducted on site by experienced NATA accredited technicians, utilising the latest Ultrasonic Testing Technology.

The ball studs are inspected using the manufacturer’s standard documented maintenance procedure or Rapallo’s internal approved procedure based on clients’ needs.

Our NDT services are suitable for any and every stage of a project, from initiation through to ongoing maintenance and support. Contact for further information.

Why conduct Ball Stud Inspections?

Failure of a Ball Stud while plant is in operation could be catastrophic. Not only to your equipment but to your personnel too.

This is a fatigue crack found during a routine Ball Stud Inspection. Allowed to propagate this crack could eventually lead to a failure.

Ball Stud 2

Ball stud showing significant fatigue cracking


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