Mining Proposal Approvals

Keras PLC received Mining Proposal and safety  approvals from the DMP for their project located north of Kalgoorlie in late March 2016.


Eucalyptus celastroides subsp. celastroides at Anomaly 22.

Mining Proposals and Flora and Fauna Baseline Surveys

Rapallo conducted the baseline studies and completed the mining and environmental approval documents, including the Mining Proposal (MP), Project Management Plan (PMP) Environmental Management System (EMS) and Mine Closure Plan (MCP), resulting in an approval keeping with Kera’s projected timelines.

This made Keras very happy rolling into Easter!

Plant and Machinery Inspection Services and Recruitment

Rapallo’s inspection services division conducted pre-mobilisation inspections on the sites mobile fleet and our labour hire division has been busy on the recruitment side.

Keep up the great work Keras – it is great to see green shoots in the Goldfields again.

Eucalyptus salmonophloia sparse medium woodland, over Eucalyptus celastroides subsp. celastroides mallee / Eucalyptus celastroides subsp. celastroides trees, over Eremophila pustulata / Atriplex vesicaria / Atriplex nummularia subsp. spathulata sparse low to medium shrubs.

Eucalyptus salmonophloia sparse medium woodland at Anomaly 22.


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Click here for DMP updates to Mining Act legislation.


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