Times are uncertain at the moment. Companies continue to grapple with challenging market conditions including price volatility, rising costs, declining grades, a long environmental approvals process and a general lack of financing.


We place experienced construction and shutdown crew.

Many companies are getting back to the basics and getting on with their core business . This means they are shedding their large administration and maintenance workforce to be more lean, agile and responsive to market conditions.

Here at Rapallo, we are seeing the green shoots that are coming up from a recovering economy, when it’s time to move you’ve got to move fast.

Labour Hire can fill the gap by covering your temporary staff shortages.

Benefits to using a labour hire/ recruitment  company

Quick Cover

Recruiting a new employee takes time. Sudden labour shortages, such as those caused by shutdown and construction projects, can be stressful to cope with. Not with labour hire. Your labour hire agency has a large number of qualified pre-vetted employees on standby ready to report for duty at a moment’s notice. This will ensure that your business does not suffer the consequences of a labour shortage during this period.

Reduced Recruitment Costs

With labour hire, your company will not be involved in the recruitment process, the labour hire agency will do that. And because these agencies are highly specialised in providing staff for various industries, their recruitment processes are very robust meaning that every candidate they provide will have a high chance of succeeding

Large Skill Pool

Labour hire firms have access to large skill pools which makes them capable of filling labour gaps. What’s more is that because of the large workforce they have on standby, they can provide a large number of employees with varying skills quickly and efficiently.


Getting temporary workers to fill vacant positions at your company becomes as easy as placing a single phone call or sending out an email.

Strong Recruitment Process

Since labour hire firms are fully specialised for finding, vetting and providing workers, their recruiting processes are very strong. You can, therefore, rest easy with the knowledge that you will get quality workers with whatever skill set you require.

Rapallo Recruitment and Labour Hire

Did you know that Rapallo has a labour hire division? We do and it is a service that we have been providing to the Goldfields, Murchison and Pilbara since 1993.

Rapallo’s recruitment division supplies quality labour support services where required, from shutdowns to short and long term placements

We provide a high calibre workforce that employers can rely on.

Rapallo  place

  • Plant Operators – Fixed  and mobile Plant
  • Boilermaker Welders
  • Plant Operators – Mining Open Pit, Civil-Earthworks & Underground
  • Trades Assistants & General Labourers
  • Heavy Duty Fitters
  • Project Managers/Engineers
  • OH&S (HSE) Officers
  • Civil & Construction Crews
  • Fitters – Fixed Plant/Mobile Plant
  • Servicemen
  • Riggers
  • Scaffolders
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Electrical/Instrument/Auto Trades – Surface and Underground
  • Asset Management Support (Inspectors and NDT Tech)
  • Supervisors – Surface and Underground
  • Administration Persons
  • Dewatering technicians and Pump Specialists
  • Sentries
  • Rubber Liners
  • Belt Splicers
  • Truck Drivers

Kalgoorlie Recruitment Office

If you are looking to hire labour to perform in your business, chat to the experts in mining, construction and shutdown. Call Penny in our Kalgoorlie office on (08) 9021 8399 or drop in for a chat at 10 Broadwood Street, West Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Perth Recruitment Office

For Perth and WA wide based labour hire call Grainne in our Perth office on (08) 6279 0900.10 Elmsfield Road Midvale 6056.

Click think link for more information or email info@rapallo.com.au.

Looking for Mining and Construction Jobs in Kalgoorlie, Goldfields, Pilbara and Western Australia?

Send your CV to employment@rapallo.com.au and give Penny or Grainne a call.

Click here for more information on Rapallo’s Labour Hire and recruitment.

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