Contaminated Land Sampling
Acid Sulphate Soil Assessment - Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land Assessment

Contaminated Land Management is a critical consideration for development and environmental planning projects. The potential for contamination must be identified through a risk assessment prior to project design. Land contamination can result from a wide variety of commercial, agricultural or industrial uses.

Rapallo consultants have the experience and technical capability to undertake land contamination management in accordance with government guidelines and legislation. Our staff have undertaken contamination assessments at  industrial, mining, private and government facilities, often dealing with some of the most problematic and persistent contaminants in soils and ground water such as asbestos, pesticides, PCBs, hydrocarbons and a wide range of heavy metals.

Rapallo can design and deliver the following assessments at all levels, including:

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Contaminated site assessment and remediation for industrial, mining and urban development projects
  • Sampling and analysis to determine the precise extent and nature of contamination
  • Development of specifications for the most appropriate method of site treatment
  • Conceptual Site Modelling
  • Implementation of soil and groundwater sampling and analytical programs
  • Preparation of comprehensive site investigation and remediation reports
  • Manage of approvals and licensing to allow the offsite disposal of material
  • Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) investigations and management
  • Groundwater monitoring and assessment
  • Phase 1 and phase 2 generic and detailed human health risk assessment
  • Hazardous materials and asbestos investigations and management plans
  • Works approval and statutory compliance

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