Current safety legislation for mining, petroleum and major hazard facilities (MHFs) is spread across six separate Acts. Some safety risks are unique to each industry sector, but there are common elements. With this in mind, the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum, (DMP) identified an opportunity to streamline and simplify the legislative structure to improve consistency across the resources industries. The aim is to enhance safety standards across the board via less prescriptive legislation that is more adaptable to change.

Safety Reform in Western Australia

A move to consolidate safety legislation and move away from prescriptive activities. Source: DMP

Work Health and Safety (Resources) Bill and Regulations

In March 2015, the department received State Government approval to begin developing the Work Health and Safety (Resources) Bill. The proposal for a single Act covering health and safety for mining, petroleum and MHFs is not a new concept. Consolidated legislation has already been implemented in two other states where Rapallo has been servicing clients for a number of years.

Are you ready for the new WHS (Resources) Bill and Regulations?

The new Act and Regulations are scheduled for implementation on 1st January 2017. Rapallo’s engineers and inspectors have followed the proposed changes to the current legislative framework from inception and have contributed to DMP workshops on the subject. Rapallo is very familiar with the proposed changes, Rapallo has been servicing clients in jurisdictions where the harmonised legislation has long been implemented.

DMP Workshops

DMP has been holding WHS Bill workshops and briefings to discuss the upcoming changes to the way safety is administered in the resource industries.

How can Rapallo help you meet your obligations under the new WHS legislation?

1. Training

Rapallo has tailor made courses in Legislative Compliance Management that will facilitate understanding and smooth transition to the new harmonised legislation. With qualified personnel in Training and Assessment as well as Occupational Health and Safety, Rapallo has over the years provided training to many of its clients in the Resources industry. A number of Rapallo’s trainers are also qualified Plant and Machinery Inspectors and/or qualified engineers.

2. Third Party Compliance Audits,  High Impact Function (HIF)

Rapallo routinely conducts third party statutory compliance audits on behalf of its clients. These audits cover, as a minimum, issues that DMP inspectors would cover via the High Impact Function (HIF) audit tool.  The resultant gap analysis provides practical recommendations for immediate and continued compliance. Rapallo considers these audits critical as our valued clients transition through to the harmonised legislation.

compliance audits

Rapallo’s consulting engineers and inspectors conduct third party compliance audits, high impact function (HIF) audit and safety in design.

3. Internet based Compliance Management System

Rapallo has over the years developed its own statutory compliance management framework, more so for plant and structures compliance. This framework is a mandatory internal guideline for all Rapallo engineers and inspectors  involved with plant and structures. Linked to this framework is Rapallo’s internally developed web based compliance reporting and documentation platform that both Rapallo employees and Rapallo’s clients have ready access to for the reporting, management and storage of relevant statutory compliance documentation for particular assets.

New WHS (Resources) Bill and Regulations – Do you understand your obligations?

Please contact our Engineers and Inspectors at Rapallo to help you transition, stay compliant and be safe.


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