Rapallo is proud to be a multicultural melting pot of many nations. We employ people from over 15 different countries at any given point in time, so it’s only natural that the new changes to the 457 Visa’s is pertinent to us, our team and our teams’ culture.

So here are the facts so far:


Image_457 Visa cancelledWhat are the changes?

There are immediate and ongoing changes to the conditions of the existing 457 visa, which will be completely phased out by March 2018. At that time, a range of new regulations will be implemented with the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.

These changes aim to help prioritise Australian workers where possible, and to support businesses in effectively filling genuine skill shortages.


Why are these changes being made?

These measures will sharpen the focus of Australia’s employer sponsored skilled migration programmes to ensure they better meet Australia’s skills needs, increase the quality and economic contribution of skilled migrants and address public concerns about the displacement of Australian workers.


Some of the important changes to 457’s to note include:

Immediate changes 

  • Condensed occupation list – 216 occupations have now been removed and a further 56 have been restricted from the original list of 651 occupations.
  • Maximum validity periods of new 457 visas that are issued will be either two or four years, depending on the occupation the visa relates to.

Click here if you’d like to see which 216 roles have been removed from the list of eligible skilled occupations.

Click here to view the new Medium & Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), which has replaced the Skilled Occupation List.


Changes occurring from July – December 2017 

  • The introduction of mandatory clearance certificates as part of the visa application process.
  • Tightening of English language requirements.
  • Data matching of 457 visa holders’ tax file numbers with Australian Tax Office’s records to ensure visa holders are not paid less than their nominated salary.
  • Publication of sponsors’ details who are sanctioned for failing to meet their obligations.


Changes from March 2018 Image_Visa application approved

  • 457 visas no longer being issued and are replaced with the new TSS visa.
  • TSS visa will be available as a Short-Term stream (up to 2 years’ validity with one renewal) and a Medium-Term stream (up to 4 years’ validity with renewal and permanent residency pathways available).
  • The age limit for all applications will be 45 years’ old.
  • Mandatory labour market testing is required.
  • A minimum market salary rate will apply.
  • Visa applicants must have at least 2 years’ work experience in their skilled occupation.

To view the changes, and the dates they come into effect, click here.


Who does it affect? 

Current 457 visa holders and the businesses sponsoring them will be effected by some of the changes. All 457 visa applications that have been submitted and not yet approved and all future applications will also be impacted. Sponsors and 457 visa holders are advised to double-check their entitlements under the new visa scheme.

What are the penalties? 

Along with the reforms to Australia’s skilled migration program, the government have indicated they intend to increase vigilance around inspection and compliance.

This can have a huge financial impact on organisations, with sponsors liable for heavy fines of up to $108,000 per employee if found to be not compliant with the new regulations.


How Rapallo’s Human Resources team ensure compliance

Since the onus of compliance is the employer’s, Rapallo Group have a strict procedure for assessing Australian Working Rights, which will now be adjusted to include the changes to the 457 visa’s.

The ways in which we ensure compliance are:

  • Inspecting an Australian passport;Image_Passport Aus
  • Inspecting a New Zealand passport;
  • Inspecting an Australian birth certificate, accompanied by a form of identification featuring a photograph of the worker;
  • Inspecting an Australian Certificate of Citizenship, accompanied by a form of Identification featuring a photograph of the worker;
  • Undertaking a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) check;
  • Inspecting a Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status, accompanied by a form of identification;
  • Inspecting a Certificate of Status for New Zealand Citizens in Australia, accompanied by a form of identification featuring a photograph of the worker;
  • Creating a contractual obligation for another party to verify work permissions;
  • Creating a contractual obligation for another party to supply persons with the required permission to work in Australia.


Due to the nature of our Engineering Resources Team and the mine sites we supply labour to, this step of ensuring compliance prior to undertaking work is embedded in our teams practices and makes it smoother for Site compliances to be finalised at times of need: shut downs, project work and shift cover that may arise urgently.

A Rapallo worker is not cleared for work unless they have been marked as “suitable for mobilisation” on our system. This is just one way we are adhering to the strict rules of employing visa workers.

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